Summon up creatures and close the gates of Hell


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Hellfire is an RPG with turn-based combat where players must battle thousands of enemies throughout a campaign aiming to close the gates of Hell, flung open by demonic monsters.

Players must create a group of heroes by summoning up creatures from among more than 300 different types. You can level them up and also merge them to create even more powerful creatures.

The combat system in Hellfire is quite odd, since while it's turn-based, instead of choosing which enemy to attack, you have to throw a ball of elements to attack him by sliding your finger across the screen. If you hit him you'll do a lot of damage, but if you miss he'll walk away with hardly a scratch.

In Hellfire you'll find more than 600 missions in total divided across many different scenarios where you'll find many enemies and bosses determined to make things particularly difficult for you.

Hellfire is an RPG with collectible cards (that's what the creatures are) that boasts a dynamic and fun combat system, as well as a more than noteworthy artistic design.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher

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